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Get the mental and physical energy you need to maximize every day. Crafted with a special blend of Hemp113™ Whole Hemp Powder and RCP™ Raw Coffee Powder, our energy tincture is made to energize you without the jitters.

2 fl oz (60mL) bottle - 70mg of Hemp113™

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Intentionally blended with the right ingredients to help you have energy and focus on the tasks you need to accomplish.*

Hemp113™ Whole Hemp Powder

Hemp113™ Whole Hemp Powder

A whole hemp powder that preserves all the beneficial elements of the hemp plant. It contains up to 113 cannabinoids in their natural concentrations, plus terpenes, flavonoids, vitamins, fatty acids, protein, and fiber naturally found in hemp.

RCP™ Raw Coffee Powder

RCP™ Raw Coffee Powder

A low-temp milling process transforms raw, unroasted coffee into powder. Because the caffeine and nutrients are still bound to the finer, they are released slowly in the bloodstream, giving you sustained energy without the negative side effects of traditional caffeine.

Well Natured Energy Tincture Benefits

How to get the best results

  • Take every day. Consistency is key to getting the best results.
  • Place 2 droppers under the tongue whenever you need a boost. Most people choose morning or afternoon.
  • Ingesting these products allows the active compounds to quickly enter the bloodstream, resulting in fast results.

Common Questions

Will well natured energy products actually give me energy?

Well Natured Energy products contain Raw Coffee Powder, which provides natural sustained plant-based energy without the negative side effects of traditional caffeine products.

Do Well Natured Energy products contain caffeine?

Yes, our Energy products contain caffeine from Raw Coffee Power. The caffeine is still bound to the fiber and other nutrients so it's released slowly into your system so you can enjoy sustained energy, endurance and wellness benefits without the jitters or crashes.*

Can I take these energy products if I'm sensitive to caffeine?

Because the caffeine in Raw Coffee Powder is still bound to the fiber and other nutrients, it's released slowly into your system. Some people who are sensitive to caffeine report that they are able to enjoy our Energy blends without the typical negative side effects.* If you're sensitive to caffeine, we encourage you to consult with your health care professional before trying these products.

What is the difference between raw coffee powder and coffee?

Raw Coffee Powder contains not just the caffeine that coffee is famous for, but also the fiber, antioxidants and polyphenols that are destroyed in the roasting process.

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